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Malouf Manly Pharmacy

15 The Corso, NSW 2095

Ultrasound Device

For Aches, Pains and Strains

Ultralieve is designed to effectively aid the repair of sprains and strains, and to relieve the pain and discomfort you get from them. It uses the same technology as physiotherapists and has been adapted for home use.

How it Works

Ultralieve generates high frequency sound vibrations which stimulates the skin’s tissue cells. Stimulating the cells can cause the cell walls to become more permeable, allowing the movement of proteins from the blood into the cell. Proteins are the essential building blocks to help tissue cells repair themselves. In the example of a ligament tear, the application of ultrasound can help speed up production of collagen, a protein found in soft tissue.

Ultimately, Ultralieve helps speed up the healing process by aiding in the transport of essential ions and nutrients to the cell in order to repair the body and relieve pain at the source.

The featured Ultralieve product is available at this special price * conditions apply.