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Malouf Manly Pharmacy

15 The Corso, NSW 2095

Rock Tape

Sport &

Injury Management

Are you a community sporting organization requiring sporting tape,first aid and accessories? Let Malouf Manly Pharmacy assist you with a competitive pricing arrangement to meet all your requirements. 

Sports, Medical, Injury Lifestyle Products

Malouf Manly Pharmacy is a proud stockist of the BodyAssist, McDavid & Thermoskin product range. The product range provides a wide range of supports and braces to assist in the management of pain of the knee,

hand, wrist, ankle, elbow, back, arm, abdomen and others.

Thermoskin Supports and Braces

Malouf Manly Pharmacy stocks a wide range of Thermoskin Supports.

Thermoskin braces are well known for their quality and effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of soft tissue

injuries. All supports are lined Trioxin®. Trioxin's material structure provides for a free-flow of air, allowing for skin ventilation and the removal of excess moisture. Correct ventilation minimises perspiration irritation and provides for long term wearer comfort.