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A nebuliser is a machine that converts liquid medication into a fine mist that can then be inhaled. They used to be used by many people to take their asthma medications.

What does it do?

A nebuliser pushes compressed air through liquid medication, which makes it a mist. This is then inhaled through either a face mask or a mouthpiece. A standard dose of medication takes 5-10 minutes to be inhaled. Several different types of medication can be taken through a nebuliser, including relievers and preventers. In some cases, oxygen is used in the nebuliser, but only if the person’s oxygen levels are low.

Who should use a nebuliser?

Most people with asthma don’t need a nebuliser. It takes a lot more care to maintain the equipment, more time to take the medication, and the medication is much more expensive in liquid form. However, there are some situations where a nebuliser is still used:

  • If someone is really struggling to breathe in hospital or in an ambulance
  • If someone can’t use inhalers because they get confused, or have problems with their hands.
  • For people who have a severe respiratory disease
  • For people who have lots of mucus and need the extra moisture in the nebulised treatment to help them clear out the mucus 

The AiroFamily™ Pro Aerosol Therapy System is comprised of a low maintenance piston compressor and an efficient nebuliser to rapidly deliver medication directly into the lungs.

It is designed for intensive professional or home use and is suitable for the inhalation of all bronchial medication(s). The efficiency of the AiroFamily™ Pro Nebuliser makes it an outstanding choice in administering nebuliser therapy for all acute and chronic respiratory disorders. 

The AiroMist® Aerosol Therapy System has been developed to produce an efficient and economically priced nebuliser to meet the needs of patients requiring intermittent home therapy.

The AiroMist® Aerosol Therapy System is comprised of a low maintenance piston compressor and an efficient nebuliser to deliver medication directly and efficiently into the lungs. The compressor is housed in a robust casing constructed of shock resistant ABS Plastic.

Ultra-compact and quiet in operation the AiroMist® Aerosol Therapy System is ideal for the home. 

Malouf Manly Pharmacy stocks an array of Nebulisers including the above featured products. Please call in-store for further assistance.