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Malouf Manly Pharmacy

15 The Corso, NSW 2095

Webster Packing

Webster Packing is an accurate and efficient way to package and dispense medication. Webster Packs are designed to make it easy for patients to take their medication by eliminating the confusion when 

multiple drugs are prescribed. The multi-dose Webster pack is an individually-prepared blister pack which is filled by the pharmacy. It is divided into 28 separate blister wells in four rows of seven, being the doses to be taken at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime on each day of the week. Into each well is loaded the medication prescribed for that time. The patient can quickly identify which dose is next, remove the tablets by pushing them through the foil on the reverse side of the blister pack, and take them without worrying about quantities or mistakes.

This simple procedure has the potential to improve compliance significantly. The clear blister packs also act as a visual reminder of which medication is to be taken next and when. Using a special computer program and printer, the pharmacist notes on the pack the names and quantities of the tablets sealed in the blister wells. To find out more about Webster Packing, visit their website at